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Sugar Baby True Story: Christine

I was speaking with a friend of mine who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. Let’s call her “Christine”.

Christine was living the Sugar Baby Dream. She was living in an amazing $4 million penthouse, driving an R8 convertible, and had her every whimsy catered to by her 55 year-old sugar daddy.

Then, she messed it all up. How? She got busted with a younger man in the apartment.

Now, I understand wanting to have a hot young stud to take care of business when you need it. I *TOTALLY* get it. But if you’re living that well, and you know your SD wouldn’t approve, you better think long and hard about where, when, and how you plan on messing around, or else you, like Christine, will end up scrambling for a roof over your head (a much less impressive roof, no doubt).

But this brings up the question of double-standards. Did her SD have other girls on the side? Chances are, yes. But she should’ve recognized the precariousness of her situation before being so brazen with her dalliances. She was certainly entitled to have her own fun, but without having any ownership of all her toys, she ran the risk of losing it all. Is that fair? No. Is it her fault? Yes.

It’s also possible her sugar daddy had grown tired of her, and was just looking for an excuse to move on. Again, if she negotiated her arrangement a little tighter, she would’ve still had to walk away, but she would be walking away with some assets to her name.

Someone needs to teach a class on proper sugarbaby negotiating techniques. I know at least one person who’d sign up!


Pornstars Looking For Sugar Daddies: Kacey Jordan

There was a time when every chick that shot porn made a ton of cash. Now, thanks to that fact that all of the porn on the internet is pretty much free, the porn girls are not getting the steady work that they used to get, so as it winds up there are a lot of them out there looking to be someones sugar baby.

Here are just a few we managed to dig up looking through the listings on one sugar daddy dating site – first there is Kacey Jordan who you probably remember from the big Charlie Sheen scandal:

pornstar kacey jordan seeks a sugar daddy

Pornstar Kacey Jordan seeks a Sugar Daddy?

Here is what she is looking for: Who I am I’m a pretty easy going girl… originally from Oregon, and now working as an adult film actress. I’m always interested in meeting good guys who know how to take care of a girl. Shoot me an email and let me know what kind of arrangement you’re interested in. Thanks! :)

Anyways, if you are a Sugar Daddy, I bet Kacey Jordan would be a fun one to get with.

We’ll See – seems like there are more pornstars looking for sugar daddies more where that came from….


Finding a Sugar Daddy Who’s Rich and Generous

pornstar gigi riveraBeing a sugar baby could be a result of a number of factors.  There are those young ladies who just prefer an older man because of their wisdom and confidence.  There are also those who feel more secure with a sugar daddy because theres no drama and immaturity involved.  Of course, there are also sugar babies who prefer sugar daddies over men their age because daddies are more financially stable.  It cannot be denied that sugar daddy dating is more or less an assurance for the baby that she wonít have to dole out money on dates.  Some lucky ones who’s rich and generous daddies get to enjoy a lot of lavish presents from clothes to cars and even houses.

But as a sugar baby, how would you know that the daddy you are eyeing is really loaded or is more of the kind who wants companionship rather than someone to take care of?  Take note, there are rich sugar daddies who also want company rather than someone to spoil.  Yet there are others who just want someone to make them feel young but don’t really have the excess riches to lavish their baby.

A good dresser is a great sign of someone who has the finances.  The sugar daddy doesnít really have to wear Armani or Gucci to indicate to everyone that he is loaded, but then wearing signature clothes is a very good hint that he has good taste and he has the means to buy expensive clothes.  Some sugar daddies may not be flashy when it comes to clothes but knows how to regale you by wining and dining you to the most exclusive restaurants.  That is also a good indication of wealth.

In the end, if youíre the type of sugar baby who wants a benefactor for a sugar daddy (not a pornstar), the main item in your checklist should be his generosity.  A rich sugar daddy can only go so far if he doesn’t like sharing.  You wouldn’t want to end up asking. Whatís the use of his riches?


What Type of Sugar Baby are You With?

A sugar baby is someone that would like to find a sugar daddy for some personal purpose. Contrary to popular perception, not all sugar babies are looking for someone to get financial support from. While it cannot be denied that there are some babies that rely on financially stable benefactors to help them sustain a comfortable lifestyle (and these days there’s really nothing wrong about that), there are also some who have their own personal justifications. This makes the world of sugar babies all the more interesting, and all the more reason for sugar daddies not to give up hope on finding an authentic person.

Thereís a type of sugar babies that look for a sugar daddy that would fulfill her needs for a father figure. Some sugar babies may have missed growing up with a father who may have died when they were little girls. Some of them may have had abusive relationships with their dads, while some may be products of divorce and grew up with their moms. Having a strong and wise older man in their lives gives them a sense of stability and emotional wholeness. The fact that the father figure she may see in you also has a stable financial sugar daddy situation would just be icing on the cake.

But then again, there are always sugar babies that go into sugar daddy dating because they want a man who can support them financially. Financial security is something that a lot of young men may not achieve in their lives. While it is possible for a young man to support himself, having to take care of another person, even if itís his girlfriend, would be a bit heavy.

Finally, there are sugar babies that find sugar daddies more distinguished looking. They find that men at a certain age look better and carry themselves better than their younger counterparts.


Sugar Daddy Dating: A Date with Destiny?

marriage2If you are considering to have a relationship with a sugar daddy, then you are definitely an empowered, intelligent and above all, practical young lady. Gone are the days when finding sugar daddies are only for women who are desperate for money or who may be looking for a father figure. Those archaic ideas have been thrown out of the window. Through modern and more liberal mindsets, women these days have realized that having a sugardaddy is a wise step into the right decision.

For one, sugardaddies are emotionally secure, so you can lead a relationship without having to deal with juvenile issues. Moreover, you are assured that a sugar daddie will always have a financially stable lifestyle, so thereíll be no awkward moments of having to split the bill on a date or having to wonder if your man has a job. At the end of the day, isnít having a functional relationship with someone financially and emotionally secure person what women really want?

You will be surprised that sugar daddy dating isnít bound by too many rules unlike dating people your age. There are less hang-ups and less issues to deal with. Both parties know what to expect from each other, so it lessens the tension and lets the daddy and the baby be themselves and be at ease with each other faster. Finding sugar daddies have been made easier, thanks to modern technology with websites like serving as platforms for babies looking for a daddy and vice versa to meet and interact.

One thing sugar babies should bear in mind is sugar daddies expect their dates to be properly groomed. After all, they have reached a certain status in their lives that let them feel entitled to have the best. Thus, as a sugar baby, you should know how to present yourself in the best light possible. There’s no need to cover yourself with too much make-up and signature clothes. The keyword here is class. Be classy in appearance and the way you carry yourself, and you’ll have your daddy hook, line and sinker!


How to Get a Sugar Daddy to Pay for Everything

If you’re looking for a sugar daddy of generous proportion, where you look is less important than how you look. First things first, you need to take care of yourself. You need to work out and stay fit, visit the salon regularly, and keep up on both political and social current events. Then, you can join a site to get a free profile like and you’ll be well on your way to finding a generous sugar daddy.

how-to-get-a-sugar-daddy-to-pay-for-everythingThe sugar daddy arrangement is complex one that requires diligence and hard work, from both parties involved. Just like any other interpersonal relationship, sugar daddy dating requires a devotion of time and energy. Sugar daddies want a sugar baby to stay on top of things on all levels so they can bring lovely sugar babies like us anywhere, to any social or professional event. It takes some effort, not like a full-time job or anything, but pot sugar babies should always be aware of their visual presence and affect on every potential generous sugar daddy.

Sometimes I scour the net for a sugar daddy blog to point me in the direction of how I should look and act for a sugar daddy. Sometimes there are certain things that sugar daddies of all ages want in a sugar baby. While I can’t emulate the perfect match, I can constantly rework different things about myself to tailor to the needs of a generous sugar daddy. There is a blog on that I read sometimes, and they link to other notable sugar daddy blog sites who tell their own experiences, allowing me to have more insight to the lifestyle of a sugar daddy arrangement.


True Cost of a Sugar Baby

sugarbabysThe cost of a sugar baby depends on the generosity of a sugar daddy. Sugar babies can be both high and low maintenence. The cost of a sugar baby can also depend on what type of needs the sugar babies specifically have, for example: some sugar babies have expensive car payments that they may need help with, and other sugar babies just want to be wined and dined sometimes. You cannot just go around asking yourself, “well how much for a sugar baby?” it really doesn’t work like that. It just depends…For as many different men that exist in the world, the same can be said for the different types of sugar babies.

The cost of a sugar baby can also depend on what she can do for you. Depending on how she “loves” you. Sugar baby love can come in many forms, time spent doing anything you want, travelling anywhere you want, giving you gifts, doing certain extracurricular activities especially for you…The list goes on…Some sugar babies can just be cool and hang out with you, they don’t cost as much. There’s no real hand book on how to be a sugar baby, so you are just going to have to ask for what you want, at whatever the cost! Teach them the ways and your sugar baby love will be exactly what she does best, eating out of your hands.

There are plenty of sugar babies on who are both new to the game and experienced! The actual cost of a sugar baby is something you decide.


Best Sugar Baby Advice

SugarBabys.comLet me tell you about how I found the sugar baby for me. But first, let me tell you a little something about myself. I am a successful businessman who’s been exporting wine to other countries. Yes, I have a vineyard in Napa Valley, and wine making is what I do best.

My business was booming and I became a real workaholic. Although we know that wine is good for the heart, too much of it will still kill you. Actually, I downed two bottles of wine everday and a few more shots of brandy, scotch, or whatever poison is available. I guess you could say I was addicted to wine and hard liquor, which probably explained my diminishing health.

One day, I just collapsed and found myself inside a hospital with my only son by my side. I lost my wife a long time ago, and maybe this is why I was so concentrated in my work. It’s also probably why I drank a lot. I needed to fully recover so my son took over the day-to-day business, leaving me to relax.

My son hired a caregiver to help me cope. She’s a pretty Asian and very sexy. My son jokingly said that with a pretty young girl like her I might get back on my feet sooner than we expected. And he was right, she was great at what she did. Very patient and loving, and I really fell for her. What I didn’t know and which was only revealed to me by my son later on, was that he found my caregiver on He read her profile when he stumbled upon the site. From there, he brewed up a crazy idea, and the rest is history.

Now, that I am fully recovered, I’ve made her my official sugar baby, let my son handle our business, and I just focused on enjoying the rest of my life. I now enjoy my second life to the fullest. I just relax all the time, stay away from the booze, and happily spend everyday with the sugar baby for me.


Sugar Baby Dating

SugarBabys.comHow much would it cost for a sugar baby to date you? Absolutely free! All you need is to register at my favorite sugar baby dating site to create a free sugar daddy profile and start hooking up with pretty and sexy sugar babies. I tell you this is the best site to find younger women to date.

Listen, it is a fact that we are outnumbered by women. There’s nothing to panic about. It’s actually something we should rejoice about since there are more women for you and me. But, of course, don’t forget the phrase: “So many women, so little time.”

I believe the key to happiness when sugar baby dating is for you to appreciate quality more than quantity. So date as much sugar babies as you can from, but make sure to choose the best you can get.

You may be bothered right now by certain questions. Questions like, “How much will it cost for a sugar baby to stay with you?” Don’t concern yourself with trivial questions like this because there will come a time with your sugar babies when you’ll find yourself askingif you are giving enough even if your are already providing more than she could ever wish for.

I suggest you just enjoy sugar baby dating. Free yourself from any anxiety. Just be a Don Juan to these sugar babies and not a Don Knotts. Just enjoy dating young and sexy sugar babies.