Sugar Baby Dating

82819684I love playing golf. In fact, this is the only stress reliever I use. That is, I thought it was a great stress reliever until I found out that I also tend to get too worked up with the way I play. My handicap is still high and I always lose to my buddies.

My golf buddies noticed that I’ve been wound up a lot lately and suggested that I take a long break from work — which I can’t do, of course. I just asked them if there’s anything I can take or get busy with that will take the stress away. My buddies just looked at each other with sinister smiles.

After the 9th hole, we went to the clubhouse and ordered sandwiches and they started convincing me to get a free profile on And I found out that they wanted me to go online extramarital sugar daddy dating. Suddenly, I felt butterflies in my stomach. I may have the worst handicap among my group, yet, suddenly, I felt like I could be like Tiger Woods!

My buddies confessed that they’ve been doing this for years now and luckily, they’ve managed to keep their extramarital activities under the radars of their wives. They said that since they are doing it and have never been caught, then I should go try it as well. They even introduced me to the concept of mutually beneficial relationships. No strings attached, and all we have to do is have fun.

Guess what? I considered the idea and I’m enjoying every single moment of it. Anyway, I made sure that the arrangement is discreet and worry free. So get your free profile from as well. Sometimes, we need to live dangerously to feel alive. Ironically, now, I’m stress free.


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  1. maria

    i am looking for a man to care for me and my wife 2 for 1 someone that is not scared to have fun and spend some money.

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