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Why would someone choose to become a Sugar Baby?

Good morning, Babies!

Is it all about the money, travel and gifts? Or can it be that young and attractive individuals choose the sugar baby lifestyle because they understand the concept of ‘impermanence?’ Many Sugar Babies understand that their physical beauty will diminish overtime, which may be why they choose to live every fleeting moment to the fullest.

Let me tell you my story. I started my own company three years ago providing advice to individuals in need of nutritional guidance, yes I’m a Nutritionist. It was extremely difficult to get funding from banks or investors. After several months with still no funding, my business partner came across a sugar daddy site; we were instantly hooked on the concept of a “mentor” for the exchange of eye candy. We felt even if we didn’t get funding from our “mentor,” we would still be surrounded by successful business people, and something would come through one way or another.

So, after a few weeks I received my first offer, and yes, he was interested in our company, very interested – to the point of helping us out on a monthly ‘allowance.’ After a few months of hard work and a little ‘dressing up,’ we were able to see our dreams become a realization. Our lifestyle became something of a dream world – jewelry, clothing, fancy dinners, and that was just the beginning…

So, what Sugar Baby lifestyle will you pursue? One of extravagance and glamour? One of subtleties and secrets? Will you have multiple “mentors,” or search for your own happy ending of love and wealth? The possibilities are endless and I encourage you to tell me yours…


Looking Sugar Baby In Colorado?

sugar baby me up!!

Hi, I’m a young neophyte sugar baby from the rocky mountains of Colorado. If you like mountains, visit Colorado. But if you love mountains there are two mountains here waiting to be conquered. Did I mention that I’m quite naughty?

I’d love to meet a city slicker who can show me how it feels like to live pampered with room service. If you are a businessman, I can be your personal secretary or you can put me in any position under you.

I’m not like other girls who love signature clothing like Prada, Vera Wang, or Lhuillier. I’m just a simple chick who only wears outfits from the catalogue of Victoria’s Secret.

So if you are a dashing man looking for a mutually beneficial relationship, then let me be your sugar baby and you’ll be my sugar daddy. Look for me in which I recently joined. See you soon!


Sugar Babys

Are you a rich sugar daddy looking for just the right Sugar Baby? Are you tired of looking on the usual sites like Sugar Daddy For Me? If you are, I can admit that I have been in your shoes many a time. I am always looking to find a new sugar baby.

Get your stable of sugar babes lined up today!!!

Get your stable of sugar babes lined up today!!!

There are a ton of those sugar daddy / sugar baby sites out there, but I am sad to say that most are loaded with fake profiles or girls that just do not understand the game. I did say “most” and that is because is the REAL DEAL.

What is even better, they are offering their next 5000 profiles for FREE to new members.

If you have ever fely let down by the girls you meet online trying to find a sugar daddy I can’t say that I blame you. As a big sugar daddie myself, I can testify to the fact that there are a lot of people on these dating sites that are just straight faking the funk, but at all of the hot sugar baby girls “get it” and allow a wealthy established man to just have a good time.

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