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The Best Place to Get a Sugar Baby for Me

SugarBabies.comA Sugar baby for me is someone I need to make my life a bit more exciting. Having a sugar baby (or sugar babies) makes me feel young. So where can I find a sugar baby? I tried different places and, wow, I felt like a dirty old man chasing young girls.

When seeking sugar babies, I want it to be discreet and not vulgar. And going to parties or to any other functions with lots of young, beautiful, and sexy women is great, but a lot of prying eyes dart your way whenever you get cozy with one of them cute young ladies. I know I should just say, “to hell with them.” But, I still would like my affairs to be more discreet.

This is the reason why I go to class AAA resorts where you can bump into Hollywood stars like Bruce Willis, Rod Stewart, and Mel Gibson. Yeah, they’re more popular and handsome than I am, but we are all one and the same. Aging sugar daddies with pretty sugar babies. We go to places where we can enjoy quiet and quality time with our sugar babies.

And once I got tired of chasing young women at parties, events, and other high profile social functions, I found out about this site called With this site, there are no more prying eyes, no more chasing and teasing ultimately unwilling young women, and there are a lot of real sugar babies seeking mutually beneficial relationships. On websites, it’s easy to choose and get a sugar baby for me. At I was the one being chased, not the other way around! Try it, it’s worth your time. Hey… I wonder if Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson have started sugar baby dating online too because it’s so much easier.



SugarBabys.comIf you are a noob sugar daddy and you always ask the question, “How do I enter into a sugar baby relationship?” Don’t stop… read on. And if you’re the serious type, your question would probably be, “How much is it for a sugar baby to date me?”

In my way of thinking, as long as a sugar baby thinks she’s secure, she’ll stay in your arms as long as it takes. Now, wait a minute. Why do some sugar babies go to another sugar daddy with more money, even if she’s secure with me? This question might be orbiting in your mind. The answer goes something like this: Let’s say you’re a yacht, and the other sugar daddy is an Aircraft Carrier… which ship would make you feel safer and secured?

I have to admit that if you’re going to put a “price tag” on sugar babies, you’ll notice that their worth is never the same. It would depend on the sugar baby’s lifestyle, the sugar daddy’s generosity, and the sugar baby’s status in the society. Meaning, if a sugar baby is a well known Hollywood star who enjoys the lifestyle of the rich and famous, and is one of the many concubines in the harem of a wealthy sheik; then you’ll know that you’re not in her league. Unless, of course, you’re Bill Gates and you’ve suddenly decided to stop being a nerd! (And why are you reading this blog? Stop spending all that cash on charities and go spend your billions on beautiful, young ladies! They’re a much more worthy cause!)

So when you ask the question, “How much for a sugar baby?” Look at yourself in the mirror first, and then ask yourself, “How much am I worth?” After that, go to my favorite sugar daddy dating site and get started with your free sugar baby dating.


Players In The Sugar Daddy Game……

Hello again, Babies!

I apologize for the slight delay since my last post, but you’ll be happy to know that I’ve been hard at work for you! In my experience of being a Sugar Baby, mentoring others, and especially reading many of my recent emails seeking advice, I am both amazed and saddened by the number of Babies out there struggling to find the right Daddy simply because they don’t know how to play ‘the game.’ As a result, they experience false expectations, frequent miscommunications, and inevitable let downs. Well, rest easy, Babies because I’m here to lay it all out to take the guessing and wondering out of it!

Sugar Daddy Types

The Target: Married SD

Profile: Married (OBVIOUSLY!!) with the possibility of kids, but still needing that special someone to take care of, help them feel young again, or perhaps do things the Mrs. won’t…

The Game: Discretion is mandatory in everything you do – the times you call, the interactions you have, even the perfume you wear so as not to set off any red flags to the Mrs. Perfect for the Baby looking for minimal interactions with little or no strings attached, and obviously a risk taker. Jealousy is NOT an option!

The Bait: Gold Digger SB -or- Business SB -or- SB with Boyfriend

The Target: Lonely/Needy SD

Profile: Living a majority of their life alone or in-and-out of relationships, he seeks for that special someone to share his successes and fortunes with – to make his happiness complete.

The Game: Exert caution in this one if you’re not looking for anything serious or long term. You can lavish it up freely while he spoils you with anything you desire, but be careful not to give too much too soon so as to avoid him becoming too clingy right away. You have control as you take the driver seat here, but you MUST communicate your expectations up front. Make him work a little for it, and you’ll find your “Happily Ever After!”

The Bait: Seeking Marriage SB

The Target: The Bling SD

Profile: As the title implies, he has money and likes to show it, not only on himself but his Baby as well – cars, clothes, jewelry, and everything in between! Materialistic, fashionable, and status are large pillars in his foundation

The Game: Beauty is often a very high pre-requisite in this SD type – and why wouldn’t it? He likes to look good, so he’ll expect and need his Baby to look good, and make him look better as a result. So, you’ll need to look your best at all times, talk the talk, but more importantly – walk that walk!

The Bait: Gold Digger SB -or- Business SB -or- Innocent/Naïve SB

The Target: Business SD

Profile: Driven by success, he looks for the one to make him more successful. He is mature, focused, and established, but still likes his fun – otherwise he wouldn’t have you! Expect fancy suits, company dinners, and proper etiquette when necessary.

The Game: He has no time to waste in meaningless interactions – professional or personal, so you had better come prepared. He tends to want someone educated, goal-oriented, and proper at the proper time; someone he can be proud of. Others prefer the more easily manipulated to keep the control on their side. It is important to determine which one he is early in the game, and adjust accordingly.

The Bait: Business SB -or- Innocent/Naïve SB

The Target: Sexual SD

Profile: Success and sex – often times two words separated only by a syllable. Sometimes seeking multiple Babies to ‘spoil,’ he is exuberant, charismatic, and exhibits the most typical of Alpha-male characteristics.

The Game: Think of this like the tango – the man constantly trying to exert his dominance over the woman while she skillfully eludes his advances. You will, however, be expected to give him a taste for his efforts and ‘provisions’ from time to time. Exert caution here too, however, so as not to let this situation become harmful or unhealthy.

The Bait: Severely depends on your personality type – NOT your SB type, but Innocent/Naïve SBs beware…

Sugar Baby Types

The Title: Innocent/Naïve SB

Profile: Playing the good girl, the untouched, and the pure in need of guidance for a little spoiling. Some Babies fall into this category simply due to a lack of experience or uncertainty of what they want or how to get it. Nonetheless, they still achieve the same resulting characteristics: easy going, easily manipulated, but highly sought after by many a Sugar Daddy.

The Title: Gold Digger SB

Profile: To this Baby there is no such thing as too much or too spoiled. Name brands, big tastes, and big price tags are not only wanted, but expected – and why not? Don’t you deserve it? However, everything must be done in moderation and self-restraint is important. Expect or demand too much, and you may give your Daddy a drought in his wallet.

The Title: Seeking Marriage SB

Profile: Not looking for a casual date or fling, this Baby wants a meaningful and committed relationship. Wanting security and knowing you’ll be well taken care of for the rest of your life is like the warm blanket you’ve always wanted to keep you warm. This will only work if you truly seek love and companionship, and those feelings must be shared mutually.

The Title: Business SB

Profile: Ambitious and goal-oriented, this Baby has plans of her own. She sees opportunity not only in the Daddy himself, but those he surrounds himself with in order to network, excel, and advance her own desires.

The Title: SB with Boyfriend

Profile: Already in a relationship, this Baby seeks a Daddy to provide sugar for that sweet tooth. Mainly seeking tangible items – money, clothing, jewelry, etc. that the boyfriend cannot provide. Let it be said, however, that if you play with fire you may burn your sugar.

I hope you find this helpful, and I know if you give it a shot you’ll be amazed at what you find about yourself, and your Daddy. I can’t wait to hear what kind of Sugar Baby you are, the kind of Daddy(s) you’ve had luck with – good or bad, and the kind you hope to find!


Cost Of A Sugar Baby

SugarBabys.comSome of you might be wondering what the cost of a sugar baby is. First of all, sugar babies are not for sale. Let’s be clear about that. Like any other women, sugar babies are just looking for some love, a lot of care, and, of course, security.

Now, we all know that there are a lot of sugar daddies who give lavish gifts to their sugar babies, and these gifts, most of the time, cost thousands of dollars. Now here’s what I think, when a sugar daddy gives, say, a thousand dollar piece of jewelry to his sugar baby, that doesn’t mean that the price of the jewelry is the cost of the sugar baby. No! In fact I believe that it is actually the worth of the sugar daddy.

If you give a gift to your mom worth two dollars, does that mean your mom is worth that much? Hell, no! It only says how cheap you are, especially when you try to increase its worth by saying, “It’s the thought that counts.”

So remember this: The more generous you are, the higher your charm points will be. Which means, you don’t need to convince a sugar baby that you are worth it. Words spread like wild fire. And if you are looking for really beautiful, sexy, and young sugar babies, then is the site to visit. In this game, the cost of a sugar baby does not matter. What matters most is what your worth is as a sugar daddy.


Sugar Baby 101

I’m sure there are a lot of young women out there who want to be in the arms of a generous and mature man who can give them the finer things in life. The problem is… they don’t know how to start looking for him.

So, being a sugar daddy myself, allow me to teach you how to be a sugar baby. And to all sugar daddy wannabes out there, listen because this is for you, too. Here’s how you can make a sugar baby out of a young woman.

Howtobeasugarbaby101This kind of relationship is really about entering into a mutually beneficial relationship. In other words, both parties have something they want from one another. To be a sugar baby, you need to be young, beautiful and sexy, and very willing to be in intimate relationships with an older man. In return, you, the sugar daddy, have to reward the sugar baby with lavish gifts which, no doubt, you can afford.

As a sugar baby, there are times when people get nasty towards you. I suggest you be strong and you must not care about what some people say. They’re only like that because they don’t enjoy the benefits you enjoy. Like travel, jewelry, expensive clothes, going to resorts and lots of other luxuries. And which do you think is more important? What they say or what you are receiving from your sugar daddy?

All you need to do is to be obedient and alluring to your sugar daddy. Make sugar daddy happy and you’ll be very happy as well. Oh, and please join to be a certified sugar baby.

Sugar daddies, now you know where to meet beautiful sugar babies.

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