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Where Have All the Sugar Daddies Gone?

Sugardaddys.netLooking for a sugar daddy? The best way to find them is go to a sugar daddy dating site. And the best sugar daddy dating site for me is on these. I have already tried a lot of other sugar daddy dating sites and I never got satisfied with them, even the most famous daddy dating sites didn’t impress me much.

Sometimes, sugar babies looking for sugar daddys are being duped by bogus profiles from other sugar daddy dating sites. And they are not safe for unsuspecting first time sugar babies. This is why I made this sugar daddy blog to warn all newbie sugar babies looking for a sugar daddy.

Now, for those sugar babies who seem to be veterans in the sugar daddy dating scene, let me give you a piece of advice. Try not to be greedy and stick to one sugar daddy at a time. Sugar daddy dating is more about quality and not quantity. It is better to maintain one millionaire sugar daddy relationship at a time than to collect multiple sugar daddys all at once. Because with the latter, there is a danger of losing all of them if even one finds out about your dirty little secret.

For me, there are only two sugar daddy dating sites. That’s and the rest. So if you start looking for a sugar daddy you already know which link to click.


Choosy Sugar Babe

SugarDaddyForMe.netI can’t forget the time when I was still searching for sugar daddies at It was the best sugar daddy dating site for me back then. I dated a few of the sugar daddies in there and I really had fun.
Though I got quite a number of quality dates from, I wasn’t able to get a sugar daddy I could sustain a mutually beneficial relationship with. I’m quite choosy, and even though I enjoyed most of my sugar daddy dates from, they weren’t actually the type of sugar daddy I was looking for.

Maybe I was looking for someone like my dearly departed daddy, whom I miss so much. He died when I was really young. Maybe it is the reason why I like older men. I grew up without my daddy and I long for his love and guidance. When I was old enough to fall in love, guys my age didn’t make an impact on me at all. And I noticed that I never developed crushes with the matinee idols of my generation. I tended to have crushes on older actors like Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. I know, it’s weird preferring grandpas to hunks, but I happen to find them sexier and worldlier than guys my age.

Since I wasn’t able to find the sugar daddy I was looking for in sugardaddyforme,I ventured into other sugar daddy dating sites. These sites didn’t do a thing for me, and I decided I might as well just stay with sugardaddyforme. Then I stumbled upon and it was remarkable. Though the sugar daddies are outnumbered by the sugar babies 1 to 8, the quality of sugar daddies you’ll find in there are worth fighting for.

I couldn’t find my special sugar daddy at sugardaddyforme. And wouldn’t you know it… at, I still can’t pick a sugar daddy. But not for the same reasons. The sugar daddies I’ve meet at all have the qualities I am looking for! So right now, I’m just taking my sweet time trying to choose the right sugar daddy I want to have a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with. Meanwhile I’m having fun choosing.


Seducing a Sugar Daddy

MutuallyBeneficialRelationsOur sugar daddy blog for today will help sugar babies learn to attract the sugar daddy they want to snag. Let’s say you already met the sugar daddy you’d like to have a mutually beneficial relationship with, but you don’t know how you can convince him to pick you among the tons of competition orbiting around him. What would you do?

Let me give you a few pointers on how to capture a sugar daddy’s heart. First and foremost, appearance is really important. Make sure that when he lays his eyes on you his knees grow weak and he’ll drool like a mad dog. Now, if your appearance can compete with the appearances of the other sugar babies that surround him, it’s time to be different from the rest and be unique.

You know, we men are hunters by nature. And we love to conquer what others can’t. If you can show that you are a bit of a challenge, then the game’s afoot. Worthwhile sugar daddies will accept the challenge, while others who aren’t up to it will just go looking for easier prey. If you can get hold of a DVD of the movie “The Other Boleyn Girl,” the technique used by Anne Boleyn (Natalie Portman) in seducing Henry the VIII demonstrates what I am talking about.

Once you’ve developed the confidence to woo a sugar daddy, you, of course, need the perfect place to look for one. The site I recommend is this great sugar daddie finder. This site is the best one to go looking for the sugar daddy who’ll treat you right. You’ll find real generous sugar daddies searching for a sugar baby they can have a mutually beneficial relationship with. I hope this sugar daddy blog helps you capture the sugar daddy of your fancy.


Houston Sugar Babies

CA31515I’ve been a sugar daddy for as long as I can remember, I don’t get scammed. I have had a lot of sugar babies in my life and I’ve truly enjoyed being with them all. But what I really like the most are Houston sugar babies. Yes, for me they’re the best.

I’m quite old, but I still enjoy having fun. This is what keeps me alive. Fun with young, beautiful Houston sugar babies makes me feel young. My heart keeps beating for these lovely and sexy ladies. Just hearing their sultry voices with the Texan accent can make the already dead part of my body rise back from the grave. No need for Viagra!

Houston sugar babies are feisty, lovely creatures. I like to have them in bed with me to make me sleep like a baby. Of course, that’s after a tiring session of bedroom horse back riding. If you like women doing a cowgirl on you, no one else can do it better than a Houston sugar baby?

As I’ve said, I have had a lot of sugar babies before, and I do love ‘em all. But a Houston sugar baby will always be my favorite. I’m just sharing this so you can try them out yourself. If you want to see some fine Houston sugar babies go to They have many sugar baby profiles there and not only sugar babies from Houston, but there are also some Asians, Latinas, and a lot more. Check them all out.