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Sugar Baby

SugarBabys.comHi! I just want to tell you about my sugar daddy dating experience. I joined the site called I took advantage of their free profile and met quite a few sugar daddies who were very interested in me. They were quite nice, but I don’t think they’re the kind of sugar daddies I’d like to have a mutually beneficial relationship with.

A week after I created my profile, I received a message from a sugar daddy saying, “Are you the sugar baby for me?” I was intrigued by the message, since it wasn’t the standard hi, hello, or a wink. I felt the sender’s air of confidence. I looked at his profile and he is quite handsome, a Michael Douglas look alike. After seeing his profile I immediately answered him. “Yes, I am definitely the sugar baby for you.”

So we decided to meet in a coffeeshop. He didn’t look like a millionaire, but he was driving a Porche. He was down to earth and really fun to be with. After a cup of coffee we decided to have dinner and after a fine meal he asked me again. “Now that you’ve met me, are you sure you’re the sugar baby for me?”

I said, “Definitely!”

He brought me home and we stayed in the car for awhile. He told me that I was actually the sugar baby he’d been looking for. He looked at me in a serious manner and said. “Finally, I found the sugar baby for me!” And he planted a soft kiss on my lips. It’s really nice to be someone’s sugar baby.


Sugar Baby Cost

(SugarBabys.comA real sugar daddy won’t mind the cost of a sugar baby as long as that sugar baby is worth it. From my experience, my sugar daddies would give anything I asked for… because when they request something from me they not only get what they want, they will get more than what they ask for.

Hi, I am a sugar baby who doesn’t surprise her sugar daddies… I astonish them. These are the reasons I can have whatever I request from a sugar daddy. You know, these sugar daddies talk among themselves about how happy or sad they are with their sugar babies. My ex sugar daddy made the mistake of bragging about me being the best sugar baby any sugar daddy could ever ask for. Of course, these millionaires want to have the best in their possession and some of his buddies tried to woo me into their arms. And I am not ashamed to tell you that I am the kind of sugar baby who goes for the highest bidder. I am the practical kind of sugar baby, and security is first and foremost on my list.

Now, this sugar daddy who successfully snatched me from the clutches of my former sugar daddy – and former golf buddy – is much more generous and definitely wealthier. He is also wiser because he doesn’t talk about me with his friends and he even asked me to close my account on He knows how good this site is when looking for sugar babies or sugar daddies. Though I never did close the account, of course. But so far, nobody can top my present sugar daddy. That’s why he’s secure about me not jumping to another yacht… yet!