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Best Sugar Baby Advice

SugarBabys.comLet me tell you about how I found the sugar baby for me. But first, let me tell you a little something about myself. I am a successful businessman who’s been exporting wine to other countries. Yes, I have a vineyard in Napa Valley, and wine making is what I do best.

My business was booming and I became a real workaholic. Although we know that wine is good for the heart, too much of it will still kill you. Actually, I downed two bottles of wine everday and a few more shots of brandy, scotch, or whatever poison is available. I guess you could say I was addicted to wine and hard liquor, which probably explained my diminishing health.

One day, I just collapsed and found myself inside a hospital with my only son by my side. I lost my wife a long time ago, and maybe this is why I was so concentrated in my work. It’s also probably why I drank a lot. I needed to fully recover so my son took over the day-to-day business, leaving me to relax.

My son hired a caregiver to help me cope. She’s a pretty Asian and very sexy. My son jokingly said that with a pretty young girl like her I might get back on my feet sooner than we expected. And he was right, she was great at what she did. Very patient and loving, and I really fell for her. What I didn’t know and which was only revealed to me by my son later on, was that he found my caregiver on He read her profile when he stumbled upon the site. From there, he brewed up a crazy idea, and the rest is history.

Now, that I am fully recovered, I’ve made her my official sugar baby, let my son handle our business, and I just focused on enjoying the rest of my life. I now enjoy my second life to the fullest. I just relax all the time, stay away from the booze, and happily spend everyday with the sugar baby for me.