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Sugar Baby True Story: Christine

I was speaking with a friend of mine who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. Let’s call her “Christine”.

Christine was living the Sugar Baby Dream. She was living in an amazing $4 million penthouse, driving an R8 convertible, and had her every whimsy catered to by her 55 year-old sugar daddy.

Then, she messed it all up. How? She got busted with a younger man in the apartment.

Now, I understand wanting to have a hot young stud to take care of business when you need it. I *TOTALLY* get it. But if you’re living that well, and you know your SD wouldn’t approve, you better think long and hard about where, when, and how you plan on messing around, or else you, like Christine, will end up scrambling for a roof over your head (a much less impressive roof, no doubt).

But this brings up the question of double-standards. Did her SD have other girls on the side? Chances are, yes. But she should’ve recognized the precariousness of her situation before being so brazen with her dalliances. She was certainly entitled to have her own fun, but without having any ownership of all her toys, she ran the risk of losing it all. Is that fair? No. Is it her fault? Yes.

It’s also possible her sugar daddy had grown tired of her, and was just looking for an excuse to move on. Again, if she negotiated her arrangement a little tighter, she would’ve still had to walk away, but she would be walking away with some assets to her name.

Someone needs to teach a class on proper sugarbaby negotiating techniques. I know at least one person who’d sign up!