Cost Of A Sugar Baby

SugarBabys.comSome of you might be wondering what the cost of a sugar baby is. First of all, sugar babies are not for sale. Let’s be clear about that. Like any other women, sugar babies are just looking for some love, a lot of care, and, of course, security.

Now, we all know that there are a lot of sugar daddies who give lavish gifts to their sugar babies, and these gifts, most of the time, cost thousands of dollars. Now here’s what I think, when a sugar daddy gives, say, a thousand dollar piece of jewelry to his sugar baby, that doesn’t mean that the price of the jewelry is the cost of the sugar baby. No! In fact I believe that it is actually the worth of the sugar daddy.

If you give a gift to your mom worth two dollars, does that mean your mom is worth that much? Hell, no! It only says how cheap you are, especially when you try to increase its worth by saying, “It’s the thought that counts.”

So remember this: The more generous you are, the higher your charm points will be. Which means, you don’t need to convince a sugar baby that you are worth it. Words spread like wild fire. And if you are looking for really beautiful, sexy, and young sugar babies, then is the site to visit. In this game, the cost of a sugar baby does not matter. What matters most is what your worth is as a sugar daddy.


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