SugarBabys.comIf you are a noob sugar daddy and you always ask the question, “How do I enter into a sugar baby relationship?” Don’t stop… read on. And if you’re the serious type, your question would probably be, “How much is it for a sugar baby to date me?”

In my way of thinking, as long as a sugar baby thinks she’s secure, she’ll stay in your arms as long as it takes. Now, wait a minute. Why do some sugar babies go to another sugar daddy with more money, even if she’s secure with me? This question might be orbiting in your mind. The answer goes something like this: Let’s say you’re a yacht, and the other sugar daddy is an Aircraft Carrier… which ship would make you feel safer and secured?

I have to admit that if you’re going to put a “price tag” on sugar babies, you’ll notice that their worth is never the same. It would depend on the sugar baby’s lifestyle, the sugar daddy’s generosity, and the sugar baby’s status in the society. Meaning, if a sugar baby is a well known Hollywood star who enjoys the lifestyle of the rich and famous, and is one of the many concubines in the harem of a wealthy sheik; then you’ll know that you’re not in her league. Unless, of course, you’re Bill Gates and you’ve suddenly decided to stop being a nerd! (And why are you reading this blog? Stop spending all that cash on charities and go spend your billions on beautiful, young ladies! They’re a much more worthy cause!)

So when you ask the question, “How much for a sugar baby?” Look at yourself in the mirror first, and then ask yourself, “How much am I worth?” After that, go to my favorite sugar daddy dating site and get started with your free sugar baby dating.


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