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Sugar Baby

SugarBabys.comHi! I just want to tell you about my sugar daddy dating experience. I joined the site called www.sugarsugar.com. I took advantage of their free profile and met quite a few sugar daddies who were very interested in me. They were quite nice, but I don’t think they’re the kind of sugar daddies I’d like to have a mutually beneficial relationship with.

A week after I created my profile, I received a message from a sugar daddy saying, “Are you the sugar baby for me?” I was intrigued by the message, since it wasn’t the standard hi, hello, or a wink. I felt the sender’s air of confidence. I looked at his profile and he is quite handsome, a Michael Douglas look alike. After seeing his profile I immediately answered him. “Yes, I am definitely the sugar baby for you.”

So we decided to meet in a coffeeshop. He didn’t look like a millionaire, but he was driving a Porche. He was down to earth and really fun to be with. After a cup of coffee we decided to have dinner and after a fine meal he asked me again. “Now that you’ve met me, are you sure you’re the sugar baby for me?”

I said, “Definitely!”

He brought me home and we stayed in the car for awhile. He told me that I was actually the sugar baby he’d been looking for. He looked at me in a serious manner and said. “Finally, I found the sugar baby for me!” And he planted a soft kiss on my lips. It’s really nice to be someone’s sugar baby.