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Choosy Sugar Babe

SugarDaddyForMe.netI can’t forget the time when I was still searching for sugar daddies at sugardaddyforme.com. It was the best sugar daddy dating site for me back then. I dated a few of the sugar daddies in there and I really had fun.
Though I got quite a number of quality dates from sugardaddyforme.com, I wasn’t able to get a sugar daddy I could sustain a mutually beneficial relationship with. I’m quite choosy, and even though I enjoyed most of my sugar daddy dates from sugardaddyforme.com, they weren’t actually the type of sugar daddy I was looking for.

Maybe I was looking for someone like my dearly departed daddy, whom I miss so much. He died when I was really young. Maybe it is the reason why I like older men. I grew up without my daddy and I long for his love and guidance. When I was old enough to fall in love, guys my age didn’t make an impact on me at all. And I noticed that I never developed crushes with the matinee idols of my generation. I tended to have crushes on older actors like Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. I know, it’s weird preferring grandpas to hunks, but I happen to find them sexier and worldlier than guys my age.

Since I wasn’t able to find the sugar daddy I was looking for in sugardaddyforme,I ventured into other sugar daddy dating sites. These sites didn’t do a thing for me, and I decided I might as well just stay with sugardaddyforme. Then I stumbled upon www.sugarsugar.com and it was remarkable. Though the sugar daddies are outnumbered by the sugar babies 1 to 8, the quality of sugar daddies you’ll find in there are worth fighting for.

I couldn’t find my special sugar daddy at sugardaddyforme. And wouldn’t you know it… at www.sugarsugar.com, I still can’t pick a sugar daddy. But not for the same reasons. The sugar daddies I’ve meet at www.sugarsugar.com all have the qualities I am looking for! So right now, I’m just taking my sweet time trying to choose the right sugar daddy I want to have a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with. Meanwhile I’m having fun choosing.