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Distinguished Older Men

SugarBabys.comA number of youngs guys asked me what sugar baby dating is all about. These curious boys were asking me because they know I am a sugar baby. I just told them that sugar baby dating is not for boys like them. They are meant for real men. Old men who are already made and worthy to be chased by young college girls like Distinguished Older Men.

As a sugar baby, we love the expensive gift giving part. Of course, we love this part of sugar baby dating since here we get what we want. Sugar daddies are Distinguished Older Men that are generous, unlike guys our own age, since they don’t really look at the price tag. If they think our eyes will light up and there’s a big smile across our face, then consider that item sold. Most of the younger guys can’t be as generous since they simply don’t have the resources to be. And if they do have the means to spend, they would rather spend their money on themselves.

So, ladies (and boys), that’s what Sugar baby dating is all about. If you want to become a sugar baby dating and find the sugar daddy of your dreams, go to www.sugarsugar.com. Enjoy hunting for a generous sugar daddy… no boys allows… ;)