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Seducing a Sugar Daddy

MutuallyBeneficialRelationsOur sugar daddy blog for today will help sugar babies learn to attract the sugar daddy they want to snag. Let’s say you already met the sugar daddy you’d like to have a mutually beneficial relationship with, but you don’t know how you can convince him to pick you among the tons of competition orbiting around him. What would you do?

Let me give you a few pointers on how to capture a sugar daddy’s heart. First and foremost, appearance is really important. Make sure that when he lays his eyes on you his knees grow weak and he’ll drool like a mad dog. Now, if your appearance can compete with the appearances of the other sugar babies that surround him, it’s time to be different from the rest and be unique.

You know, we men are hunters by nature. And we love to conquer what others can’t. If you can show that you are a bit of a challenge, then the game’s afoot. Worthwhile sugar daddies will accept the challenge, while others who aren’t up to it will just go looking for easier prey. If you can get hold of a DVD of the movie “The Other Boleyn Girl,” the technique used by Anne Boleyn (Natalie Portman) in seducing Henry the VIII demonstrates what I am talking about.

Once you’ve developed the confidence to woo a sugar daddy, you, of course, need the perfect place to look for one. The site I recommend is this great sugar daddie finder. This site is the best one to go looking for the sugar daddy who’ll treat you right. You’ll find real generous sugar daddies searching for a sugar baby they can have a mutually beneficial relationship with. I hope this sugar daddy blog helps you capture the sugar daddy of your fancy.