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Sugar Baby for U?

My Uncle’s Greatest Advice: “Get a Sugar Baby for U

It’s Christmas, the air is cold and you are looking for someone to cuddle and get warm with. It only means that it’s time to get a sugar baby for u. Yes, that is exactly what you need. Give yourself a nice gift this Christmas.

I was once wondering what to give to myself for Christmas. I got some toys for the big boys such as a big bike (I broke my ankle on this one), a really expensive laptop (which got stolen in a third world country during my travels), and a lot more material things which gave me misery instead of happiness.

An old playboy uncle of mine suggested that I should change my hobby. He said, “Son, it’s time for you to get a sugar baby for u.” “Look at me, I’m 80 years old and I can still kick like a mule!” Come to think of it, at that age he can still go to bed with a young woman — with the help of Viagra, of course.

So as an obedient nephew, I followed what my uncle told me. I looked for a good sugar daddy dating site which was suggested by, who else? And got a free profile from www.sugarsugar.com. It was the best thing I have ever done. After discovering that site I was done playing with boring toys and, suddenly, I got a new hobby — playing with real live gorgeous dolls!

Get a sugar baby for u for u and have a wonderful Christmas!