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Sugar Baby

SugarBabys.comHi! I just want to tell you about my sugar daddy dating experience. I joined the site called www.sugarsugar.com. I took advantage of their free profile and met quite a few sugar daddies who were very interested in me. They were quite nice, but I don’t think they’re the kind of sugar daddies I’d like to have a mutually beneficial relationship with.

A week after I created my profile, I received a message from a sugar daddy saying, “Are you the sugar baby for me?” I was intrigued by the message, since it wasn’t the standard hi, hello, or a wink. I felt the sender’s air of confidence. I looked at his profile and he is quite handsome, a Michael Douglas look alike. After seeing his profile I immediately answered him. “Yes, I am definitely the sugar baby for you.”

So we decided to meet in a coffeeshop. He didn’t look like a millionaire, but he was driving a Porche. He was down to earth and really fun to be with. After a cup of coffee we decided to have dinner and after a fine meal he asked me again. “Now that you’ve met me, are you sure you’re the sugar baby for me?”

I said, “Definitely!”

He brought me home and we stayed in the car for awhile. He told me that I was actually the sugar baby he’d been looking for. He looked at me in a serious manner and said. “Finally, I found the sugar baby for me!” And he planted a soft kiss on my lips. It’s really nice to be someone’s sugar baby.


Sugar Baby Cost

(SugarBabys.comA real sugar daddy won’t mind the cost of a sugar baby as long as that sugar baby is worth it. From my experience, my sugar daddies would give anything I asked for… because when they request something from me they not only get what they want, they will get more than what they ask for.

Hi, I am a sugar baby who doesn’t surprise her sugar daddies… I astonish them. These are the reasons I can have whatever I request from a sugar daddy. You know, these sugar daddies talk among themselves about how happy or sad they are with their sugar babies. My ex sugar daddy made the mistake of bragging about me being the best sugar baby any sugar daddy could ever ask for. Of course, these millionaires want to have the best in their possession and some of his buddies tried to woo me into their arms. And I am not ashamed to tell you that I am the kind of sugar baby who goes for the highest bidder. I am the practical kind of sugar baby, and security is first and foremost on my list.

Now, this sugar daddy who successfully snatched me from the clutches of my former sugar daddy – and former golf buddy – is much more generous and definitely wealthier. He is also wiser because he doesn’t talk about me with his friends and he even asked me to close my account on www.sugarsugar.com. He knows how good this site is when looking for sugar babies or sugar daddies. Though I never did close the account, of course. But so far, nobody can top my present sugar daddy. That’s why he’s secure about me not jumping to another yacht… yet!


Sugar Baby Dating

82819684I love playing golf. In fact, this is the only stress reliever I use. That is, I thought it was a great stress reliever until I found out that I also tend to get too worked up with the way I play. My handicap is still high and I always lose to my buddies.

My golf buddies noticed that I’ve been wound up a lot lately and suggested that I take a long break from work — which I can’t do, of course. I just asked them if there’s anything I can take or get busy with that will take the stress away. My buddies just looked at each other with sinister smiles.

After the 9th hole, we went to the clubhouse and ordered sandwiches and they started convincing me to get a free profile on www.sugarsugar.com. And I found out that they wanted me to go online extramarital sugar daddy dating. Suddenly, I felt butterflies in my stomach. I may have the worst handicap among my group, yet, suddenly, I felt like I could be like Tiger Woods!

My buddies confessed that they’ve been doing this for years now and luckily, they’ve managed to keep their extramarital activities under the radars of their wives. They said that since they are doing it and have never been caught, then I should go try it as well. They even introduced me to the concept of mutually beneficial relationships. No strings attached, and all we have to do is have fun.

Guess what? I considered the idea and I’m enjoying every single moment of it. Anyway, I made sure that the arrangement is discreet and worry free. So get your free profile from www.sugarsugar.com as well. Sometimes, we need to live dangerously to feel alive. Ironically, now, I’m stress free.


Sugar Baby Love

SugarBabys.comI’d like to talk to you about my sugar baby love. Every night she makes me feel like I’m 25 years old. I’m already 55 years old, and as you can see, half of my age is being deducted whenever I’m with her fooling around in bed.

Actually, sugar baby love is what I call her. And she calls me sugar daddy muffins. Kinda corny for my age, but what the hell, I’m enjoying it anyway. I found in her my fountain of youth. She makes me smile all the time, I feel like Peter Pan with happy, shiny thoughts floating in the air while the Black Eyed Peas’ song “I’ve Got a Feeling” is playing in my mind over and over again.

It’s really good to feel young again and be with my sugar baby love. I don’t care if I’m a 55 year old man who sounds like a kid in high school, because that’s how I feel. Because of this, I really don’t mind pampering my sugar baby love with expensive gifts. I love seeing her wide eyed, mouth open, shocked face, and to see her nearly hyperventilating to the point of crying (just like how beauty queens react every time they win).

I wouldn’t have felt this way if not for www.sugarsugar.com. I took advantage of their free profile and had fun answering and sending emails to the ones I like. Then my sugar baby love entered my life and it has never been the same again.


Sugar Baby Dating

Sugarbabys.comI am single by choice. I have already reached the age where most men have already accomplished a lot of things they have set their mind to. I am happy to say that I’ve accomplished my dreams and my goals. And there’s nothing left for me to do but to become better and better every day.

Despite the fact that I’m successful in life, I still feel a tinge of sadness. There’s a great sorrow I feel which I didn’t know the cure for until a few months ago. A golf buddy of mine gave me a strange suggestion. He said that to cure what I was feeling, I needed to start sugar baby dating!

I didn’t know if I should be insulted or if I should laugh out loud. So, I thought about it really hard. I am an old single guy by choice because I don’t want the responsibilities of a married life. I just want to have fun. Kids? A lot of married and unmarried couples are polluting our planet with kids, let them have all the fun. Then I thought that since sugar baby dating’s foundation is based on mutual arrangements, then this kind of relationship might actually work.
I asked my friend how to begin and he told me to go to www.sugarsugar.com.

This is a website where I can go sugar baby hunting and sugar baby dating. There are a lot of sugar babies on SugarSugar.com and I feel like King Bolkiah of Brunei being swarmed by beautiful harems. I receive invitations for dates all the time. It’s really fun and, no doubt, the experience will coddle your male ego.


Our Favorite Sugar Baby Will Be on Dr. Phil

Good news. Our favorite sugar babe Angelina is being featured on the Dr. Phil Show this Wednesday (12/9/2009).

The subject of the show will be on Sugar Daddy dating and the life of a real Sugar Baby. For those of you who don’t know, Angelina is the face of SugarDaddyAz.com’s Sugar Daddy: www.sugarsugar.com.

The show is all about Angelina, but the crew at SugarSugar is more than happy to take the plug!

Check here to find your local listing for the Dr. Phil show.

Wish Angelina luck guys!

Sugarbabys.com Staff


Get a Sugar Baby For U to Call Your Own

SugarBabys.comHey buddy, just like you, I was looking for something to make my life exciting. And I found out that having a sugar baby in my arms was the best thing that ever happened in my life. Sugar babies are as addictive as chocolates. Once you taste it, you can’t stop.

I know that you’re looking for a sugar baby for you to care for. Hey, I myself was on the lookout before, and when I found one, my life was never the same again. Back then I was like Walter Matthau in “Grumpy Old Men.”

I have this friend who is about the same age who, like me, looks even younger than our actual age. He seemed very happy and contented with his Sugar Baby. I wanted to be in that same element. He told me that I have the power to do so. I am single again, my wife went on up to heaven without me (bless her soul). My kids are all grown up, have left the nest and don’t have time to spend with me. Due to my previous investments, I’m pretty well-off. Now that I’m a bachelor again (only this time with more money), I can go out dating — and with younger women.

He introduced me to www.sugarsugar.com, which is where I found my sugar baby. And I believe this is where you will find a sugar baby for you to have great times with.


The Best Place to Get a Sugar Baby for Me

SugarBabies.comA Sugar baby for me is someone I need to make my life a bit more exciting. Having a sugar baby (or sugar babies) makes me feel young. So where can I find a sugar baby? I tried different places and, wow, I felt like a dirty old man chasing young girls.

When seeking sugar babies, I want it to be discreet and not vulgar. And going to parties or to any other functions with lots of young, beautiful, and sexy women is great, but a lot of prying eyes dart your way whenever you get cozy with one of them cute young ladies. I know I should just say, “to hell with them.” But, I still would like my affairs to be more discreet.

This is the reason why I go to class AAA resorts where you can bump into Hollywood stars like Bruce Willis, Rod Stewart, and Mel Gibson. Yeah, they’re more popular and handsome than I am, but we are all one and the same. Aging sugar daddies with pretty sugar babies. We go to places where we can enjoy quiet and quality time with our sugar babies.

And once I got tired of chasing young women at parties, events, and other high profile social functions, I found out about this site called www.sugarsugar.com. With this site, there are no more prying eyes, no more chasing and teasing ultimately unwilling young women, and there are a lot of real sugar babies seeking mutually beneficial relationships. On websites, it’s easy to choose and get a sugar baby for me. At www.sugarsugar.com I was the one being chased, not the other way around! Try it, it’s worth your time. Hey… I wonder if Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson have started sugar baby dating online too because it’s so much easier.


Sugar Baby 101

I’m sure there are a lot of young women out there who want to be in the arms of a generous and mature man who can give them the finer things in life. The problem is… they don’t know how to start looking for him.

So, being a sugar daddy myself, allow me to teach you how to be a sugar baby. And to all sugar daddy wannabes out there, listen because this is for you, too. Here’s how you can make a sugar baby out of a young woman.

Howtobeasugarbaby101This kind of relationship is really about entering into a mutually beneficial relationship. In other words, both parties have something they want from one another. To be a sugar baby, you need to be young, beautiful and sexy, and very willing to be in intimate relationships with an older man. In return, you, the sugar daddy, have to reward the sugar baby with lavish gifts which, no doubt, you can afford.

As a sugar baby, there are times when people get nasty towards you. I suggest you be strong and you must not care about what some people say. They’re only like that because they don’t enjoy the benefits you enjoy. Like travel, jewelry, expensive clothes, going to resorts and lots of other luxuries. And which do you think is more important? What they say or what you are receiving from your sugar daddy?

All you need to do is to be obedient and alluring to your sugar daddy. Make sugar daddy happy and you’ll be very happy as well. Oh, and please join www.sugarsugar.com to be a certified sugar baby.

Sugar daddies, now you know where to meet beautiful sugar babies.

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