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Finding a Sugar Daddy Who’s Rich and Generous

pornstar gigi riveraBeing a sugar baby could be a result of a number of factors.  There are those young ladies who just prefer an older man because of their wisdom and confidence.  There are also those who feel more secure with a sugar daddy because theres no drama and immaturity involved.  Of course, there are also sugar babies who prefer sugar daddies over men their age because daddies are more financially stable.  It cannot be denied that sugar daddy dating is more or less an assurance for the baby that she wonít have to dole out money on dates.  Some lucky ones who’s rich and generous daddies get to enjoy a lot of lavish presents from clothes to cars and even houses.

But as a sugar baby, how would you know that the daddy you are eyeing is really loaded or is more of the kind who wants companionship rather than someone to take care of?  Take note, there are rich sugar daddies who also want company rather than someone to spoil.  Yet there are others who just want someone to make them feel young but don’t really have the excess riches to lavish their baby.

A good dresser is a great sign of someone who has the finances.  The sugar daddy doesnít really have to wear Armani or Gucci to indicate to everyone that he is loaded, but then wearing signature clothes is a very good hint that he has good taste and he has the means to buy expensive clothes.  Some sugar daddies may not be flashy when it comes to clothes but knows how to regale you by wining and dining you to the most exclusive restaurants.  That is also a good indication of wealth.

In the end, if youíre the type of sugar baby who wants a benefactor for a sugar daddy (not a pornstar), the main item in your checklist should be his generosity.  A rich sugar daddy can only go so far if he doesn’t like sharing.  You wouldn’t want to end up asking. Whatís the use of his riches?


What Type of Sugar Baby are You With?

A sugar baby is someone that would like to find a sugar daddy for some personal purpose. Contrary to popular perception, not all sugar babies are looking for someone to get financial support from. While it cannot be denied that there are some babies that rely on financially stable benefactors to help them sustain a comfortable lifestyle (and these days there’s really nothing wrong about that), there are also some who have their own personal justifications. This makes the world of sugar babies all the more interesting, and all the more reason for sugar daddies not to give up hope on finding an authentic person.

Thereís a type of sugar babies that look for a sugar daddy that would fulfill her needs for a father figure. Some sugar babies may have missed growing up with a father who may have died when they were little girls. Some of them may have had abusive relationships with their dads, while some may be products of divorce and grew up with their moms. Having a strong and wise older man in their lives gives them a sense of stability and emotional wholeness. The fact that the father figure she may see in you also has a stable financial sugar daddy situation would just be icing on the cake.

But then again, there are always sugar babies that go into sugar daddy dating because they want a man who can support them financially. Financial security is something that a lot of young men may not achieve in their lives. While it is possible for a young man to support himself, having to take care of another person, even if itís his girlfriend, would be a bit heavy.

Finally, there are sugar babies that find sugar daddies more distinguished looking. They find that men at a certain age look better and carry themselves better than their younger counterparts.


How to Get a Sugar Daddy to Pay for Everything

If you’re looking for a sugar daddy of generous proportion, where you look is less important than how you look. First things first, you need to take care of yourself. You need to work out and stay fit, visit the salon regularly, and keep up on both political and social current events. Then, you can join a site to get a free profile like www.sugarsugar.com and you’ll be well on your way to finding a generous sugar daddy.

how-to-get-a-sugar-daddy-to-pay-for-everythingThe sugar daddy arrangement is complex one that requires diligence and hard work, from both parties involved. Just like any other interpersonal relationship, sugar daddy dating requires a devotion of time and energy. Sugar daddies want a sugar baby to stay on top of things on all levels so they can bring lovely sugar babies like us anywhere, to any social or professional event. It takes some effort, not like a full-time job or anything, but pot sugar babies should always be aware of their visual presence and affect on every potential generous sugar daddy.

Sometimes I scour the net for a sugar daddy blog to point me in the direction of how I should look and act for a sugar daddy. Sometimes there are certain things that sugar daddies of all ages want in a sugar baby. While I can’t emulate the perfect match, I can constantly rework different things about myself to tailor to the needs of a generous sugar daddy. There is a blog on www.sugarsugar.com that I read sometimes, and they link to other notable sugar daddy blog sites who tell their own experiences, allowing me to have more insight to the lifestyle of a sugar daddy arrangement.


Seducing a Sugar Daddy

MutuallyBeneficialRelationsOur sugar daddy blog for today will help sugar babies learn to attract the sugar daddy they want to snag. Let’s say you already met the sugar daddy you’d like to have a mutually beneficial relationship with, but you don’t know how you can convince him to pick you among the tons of competition orbiting around him. What would you do?

Let me give you a few pointers on how to capture a sugar daddy’s heart. First and foremost, appearance is really important. Make sure that when he lays his eyes on you his knees grow weak and he’ll drool like a mad dog. Now, if your appearance can compete with the appearances of the other sugar babies that surround him, it’s time to be different from the rest and be unique.

You know, we men are hunters by nature. And we love to conquer what others can’t. If you can show that you are a bit of a challenge, then the game’s afoot. Worthwhile sugar daddies will accept the challenge, while others who aren’t up to it will just go looking for easier prey. If you can get hold of a DVD of the movie “The Other Boleyn Girl,” the technique used by Anne Boleyn (Natalie Portman) in seducing Henry the VIII demonstrates what I am talking about.

Once you’ve developed the confidence to woo a sugar daddy, you, of course, need the perfect place to look for one. The site I recommend is this great sugar daddie finder. This site is the best one to go looking for the sugar daddy who’ll treat you right. You’ll find real generous sugar daddies searching for a sugar baby they can have a mutually beneficial relationship with. I hope this sugar daddy blog helps you capture the sugar daddy of your fancy.