True Cost of a Sugar Baby

sugarbabysThe cost of a sugar baby depends on the generosity of a sugar daddy. Sugar babies can be both high and low maintenence. The cost of a sugar baby can also depend on what type of needs the sugar babies specifically have, for example: some sugar babies have expensive car payments that they may need help with, and other sugar babies just want to be wined and dined sometimes. You cannot just go around asking yourself, “well how much for a sugar baby?” it really doesn’t work like that. It just depends…For as many different men that exist in the world, the same can be said for the different types of sugar babies.

The cost of a sugar baby can also depend on what she can do for you. Depending on how she “loves” you. Sugar baby love can come in many forms, time spent doing anything you want, travelling anywhere you want, giving you gifts, doing certain extracurricular activities especially for you…The list goes on…Some sugar babies can just be cool and hang out with you, they don’t cost as much. There’s no real hand book on how to be a sugar baby, so you are just going to have to ask for what you want, at whatever the cost! Teach them the ways and your sugar baby love will be exactly what she does best, eating out of your hands.

There are plenty of sugar babies on who are both new to the game and experienced! The actual cost of a sugar baby is something you decide.


3 thoughts on “True Cost of a Sugar Baby

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  2. tikisweets99

    i not only want a sugardaddie for financial reasons, i want one who’ll love me and cater to my needs,why a sugardaddie i’m tired of those broke losers who don’t have nothin to gain in life who don’t take responsibility for there actions i want a man who’s proud of what they accomplished in life and who’s determine to make there women happy

  3. K M

    I can offer mine intelligence and confidence. I already have a Bachelors Degree and am single with a grown 18 year old independent son.

    My dream is to go to law school, and I will share my success with my sugardaddy.

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