What Type of Sugar Baby are You With?

A sugar baby is someone that would like to find a sugar daddy for some personal purpose. Contrary to popular perception, not all sugar babies are looking for someone to get financial support from. While it cannot be denied that there are some babies that rely on financially stable benefactors to help them sustain a comfortable lifestyle (and these days there’s really nothing wrong about that), there are also some who have their own personal justifications. This makes the world of sugar babies all the more interesting, and all the more reason for sugar daddies not to give up hope on finding an authentic person.

Thereís a type of sugar babies that look for a sugar daddy that would fulfill her needs for a father figure. Some sugar babies may have missed growing up with a father who may have died when they were little girls. Some of them may have had abusive relationships with their dads, while some may be products of divorce and grew up with their moms. Having a strong and wise older man in their lives gives them a sense of stability and emotional wholeness. The fact that the father figure she may see in you also has a stable financial sugar daddy situation would just be icing on the cake.

But then again, there are always sugar babies that go into sugar daddy dating because they want a man who can support them financially. Financial security is something that a lot of young men may not achieve in their lives. While it is possible for a young man to support himself, having to take care of another person, even if itís his girlfriend, would be a bit heavy.

Finally, there are sugar babies that find sugar daddies more distinguished looking. They find that men at a certain age look better and carry themselves better than their younger counterparts.


10 thoughts on “What Type of Sugar Baby are You With?

  1. emilie

    hey there I am looking for someone just to hang out with whenever they are free and get together for nice evening . I am a laid back type, loves watching hockey, nice walks, coffee, music and dancing and up to trying anything new.

  2. maryxiao

    Rich and successful. Single or married, you have no time for games. You are looking to mentor or spoil someone special — perhaps a “personal secretary”? secret lover? student? or a mistress for an extra-marital affair? then , it’s sugarbabymeet.c0m.

  3. vivian

    hi,am looking for a sugar daddy that will be the father that l never had,he will be my mentor,my adviser,my hero,in as much as he will be much older,l will respect him,love him,care for him,be proud to say he is mine and above all,someone that l will love,cherish and appreciate him,he will be and forever be my WORLD–BEST

  4. vivian

    l need love,l want to love again since l washeartbroken,l have never giving any man attention since the heartbreak,but now,I WANT TO LOVE AND BELOVED,CARE AND BE CARED FOR,I WANT TO FEEL THE WARM ARMS OF A TRUE,PURE AN REAL MAN,I want an honest man,faithful,real,a man that has concience,that dosnt flirt,that will always be there for me, [babyegbunike2000@yahoo.com ] or call 234 80 333 222 70

  5. Sami

    I most want someone who’s going to help my financially, and take care of me in all or some of the ways my Dad didn’t. But, to hang out and have a nice time with.

    I’m just wondering what the hell I’m going to have to do for the guy in order to get all of this. I know some of it, is going to be sex, but how am I to trust him, that he’ll give me all of this!

  6. Britt

    I think there are some Sugar Babies, like myself, that are more attracted to older, more distinguished men. The perks are great. I’d definitely rather have a fancy dinner with a man that can treat me financially and with intelligent conversation.

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  8. angela sammons

    I’m a mom of 2. I was married for 8 yrs. I need someone to make me feel special and beautiful. I love watching movies, dancing, theater, and being around nice people. I’m the sweetest person you will ever meet. Just need someone that will appreciate a good woman.

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